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Elfen Lied – A Study of Episode 1

This short piece details a brief study on the emotional makeup of the anime Elfen Lied’s first episode. To aid this endeavor I will be employing some lite statistical techniques and scientific methodology.


Please note that this is very much a subjective piece, being simply a personal study for the purposes of furthering my own understanding of how this experience was crafted.


Emotion Model

Shave et al described the following list of Primary and Secondary Emotions in 1987:

  • Love
    • Longing
    • Lust
    • Affection
  • Joy
    • Cheerfulness
    • Zest
    • Contentment
    • Pride
    • Optimism
  • Surprise
    • Surprise
  • Anger
    • Irritation
    • Exasperation
    • Rage
    • Disgust
    • Envy
    • Torment
  • Sadness
    • Suffering
    • Sadness
    • Disappointment
    • Shame
    • Neglect
    • Sympathy
  • Fear
    • Horror
    • Nervousness

I grouped the Primary Emotions, and their respective Secondary Emotions into High and Low categories. Where High connotes happy like feelings and Low connotes sad like feelings as follows:

High = Love, Joy and Surprise.
Low = Anger, Sadness, Fear.

Emotion Hierarchy

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Rock and Revy Argue, Black Lagoon – Anime Imagery Analysis

Lately I’ve been watching Black Lagoon, and during the second half of Episode 7 there’s a great scene where Rock and Revy argue. What transpires is in my opinion a turning point in Rock and Revy’s relationship that is worth a deeper look.

(Caution! Spoilers Be Ahead! Before going any further I recommend watching up until the end of Black Lagoon Episode 7)

Since a hobby of mine is analyzing scenes (though I rarely transcribe my musings), I thought to myself, heck I have a blog and a great scene. Lets write something down.

The focus of this short piece will be on my major observations of the imagery employed by the creators of this scene. Why imagery over dialogue? Simple. Because I’ve found gleaning meaning from the imagery of this scene more enjoyable (a big props to the English dub by Brad SwaileMaryke Hendrikse, their amazing work makes this one of the best anime scenes that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing).


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Black Lagoon – Anime Watch

If there is no Robin Hood why don’t you become Robin Hood!Rock, Black Lagoon.

This anime has been worth my time, and here are some reasons why it might be worth yours too.


Black Lagoons characters are complex, none being plain Black or White. Considering Rock, one of shows main protagonists, not only does he serve function as a gateway into the world of Black Lagoon, he is designed so that our impressions of him to change over time as he evolves throughout the series. Rock is not alone, he’s accompanied by a fascinating cast of characters, and relationships between them (namely between Rock and Revy).

As well as awesome characters the series employs:

  • Great use of imagery, particularly the use of shadows, their masterful use of facial expressions which can be particularly seen with their Omake episodes, and Roanapur as the land of the dead?
  • A fantastic job with the English dub.
  • A rich story lines giving you plenty to think about, namely the Vampire Twins story arc.

If you enjoy food for thought mixed with action, drama and dark comedy in a realistic setting, you should definitely give this a watch.

Check out its page on Wikipedia and its own Wiki for extra information.

Here’s a trailer to wet your appetite.

Overlord – Anime Watch

Visiting the world of Overlord we are introduced to Momonga, our skeletal protagonist, master of the empty halls of Nazarik within a game called Yggdrasil. The story begins on the day the Yggdrasil servers are to be shut down. Instead of being ejected back into the real world, our protagonist finds himself trapped, transported into a living game world with his domain and subjects.


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The Force Awakens – Impressions

Star Wars The Force Awakens has been a long awaited installment in the series, and I certainly have looked forward to it. The day before its release I booked myself a ticket for a viewing at 12:00am on the 16th of December 2015, to be among the first to see it in Bahrain.


Armed with popcorn, a ticket and a pack of Maltesers I made my way to the cinema hall.


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Attack on Titan – Anime Watch

Attack on Titan is a series I’ve been watching a load of recently so I thought I’d summarize my impressions of it.


  • Attack on Titan boasts an amazing sense of scale.
  • Top notch music, (for the sake of staying spoiler free) my personal favorite track being in an awesome scene of Captain Levi in the forest.
  • Great collection of characters.
  • Questions proposed by the story leaves you wondering.
  • Like the art style with its cannons and ‘Tudor-esque’ housing styles.

Attack on Titan is an anime well worth your time, so check out the anime’s first season. Season 2 is in the works, and rumor has it, has unfortunately been delayed to 2016. Meanwhile check out the live action movie instead! For additional information check out the wiki page, and its own wiki.

Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition

Are you looking for an insightful perspective into issues regarding the game industry?

Are your capable of listening to someone who probably does not share your opinion?

Are you capable of assimilating potentially provocative thoughts in-order to further your own understanding?

The Jimquisition
The Jimquisition

Then the entertaining, often outspoken non-journalist Jim Sterling is the man to see. Here’s the latest episode of The Jimquisition from his channel: