Euler, Golem of The Great Library – League of Legends Champion Design

Major Faction: The Desert Empire
Minor Faction: The Enlightened

Role: Tank/Support

When reading the following champion description please keep in mind that this champion has three forms. To get an idea of what the forms are when reading his abilities, read his W ability description first.

Additionally this champion has no mana or energy rather his abilities cost health. This works from a lore point of view since it’s Euler’s spirit that is the source of amulet’s power, and mechanically as it helps offset his passive ability.


A hulking humanoid figure, The Golem is a mountain of perfectly muscled sand standing several heads taller than any man. On its neck a pulsing amulet, an ancient artifact, a vessel containing the essence of a spirit. Euler’s spirit. The source of the amulets power.

GolemSandI do not own this image, it was taken from this website.

The amulet design is based off of the concept of Ancient Egyptian scarab amulets. Imagine the following as a base:


I do not own this image, it has been adapted from its original posting here.

The primary colors of the amulet are obsidian black, with gold lining that traces the outlines of the amulet’s key features. Namely the ankh and its patterns, as well the scarabs body, wings and its patterns.

The amulet’s major chain would follow the design of the scarabs wings. The major chain would be made up of two minor chains, one for each wing of the scarab. Each link of the chain would be a single part of a scarabs wing. Once the two minor links are connected they would form a chain of two complete connecting wings, the links mechanically functioning in the same manner as the links of watches metal strap.

The amulets head is the scarab, its body a golden lined ruby the size of a mans head. From within the ruby onlookers would behold brilliant rays of gold and white through the carvings on the ruby’s face.


Administered by the bestial guardian Nasus, The Desert Empire’s Great Library is a place of magic and marvels. Fruitlessly many have sought it out, but this jewel of the sands travels like the shifting dunes of the desert. You see The Great Library exists in a dimension of its own with controlled entrances; the only way to enter is to be invited.

To those fortunate few they would find harmony, greeted by a community of high priests unmatched in their dedication to the guardians and their ways. These priests lived to teach the guardians word, and serve as curators of their mystical home. Under the guardians guidance the priests taught their people wisdom, ushering in a period of peace and prosperity that lasted countless years. But sadly as temporary as all things are, so was this golden age.

Renekton’s corruption heralded war throughout The Desert Empire. Mighty armies clashed, saturating the soil with ash and blood. Darkness seeped into the minds of many, poising them with delusions of gods; the priests of The Great Library were undoubtedly not immune. Many priests became arrogant believing themselves the gods chosen ones, they became among The Corrupted. Involvement in the war became the central issue, but the debates turned to arguments, arguments to fights, fights to bloodshed. The Great Library descended into chaos, disappearing from the face of The Desert Empire in its greatest time of need.

Within The Great Library the few priests that had remained humble and loyal to the guardians were fighting a losing cause. With halls thickly stained with the blood of brothers, and the victory of The Corrupted close at hand. In the darkness of The Great Library’s inner most cloisters, a priest of little significance considered an eternal burden.

By sacrificing his mortal body and transferring his soul into an ancient amulet of dark power. He could transcend into a powerful shape-shifting sand spirit, a champion of the sands capable of turning the tide of battle. But at what cost? This dark artifact had been sealed away long ago for a good reason.

Of unknown origin the amulet’s last host was plagued with a hunger for all forms of energy. At first the host drank the rays of the sun and the movement of the howling winds, but the hunger remained insatiable. When the host gave in fully to the hunger, it descended into madness becoming a mindless monster with no mercy for the guilty or the innocent. Recognising that the creature was beyond saving the bestial guardians put an end to the host hiding the amulet in the depths of The Great Library for what they though would be forever.

Euler would have to control the hunger to avoid the same fate and channeling it to feed for the benefit of his allies and the woes of his enemies. By accepting this ‘ascendance’ would mean a curse to forever battle the all-consuming hunger of the amulet. For Euler the choice was easy.

With a roar that resounded throughout The Great Library, The Golem emerged with a singular eternal purpose fueled by the lowly priest’s unparalleled devotion. To protect his people. Leading the loyal priests they cleansed the temple of the damned, the amulet strengthening the Golem with each fight. Emerging victorious the priests called themselves The Enlightened, and on returning to the war unleashed the limitless power contained within The Great Library on the heretics of their homeland.

Earth was torn asunder, fire rained from the sky, fortresses were swept away, armies washed away. Death was the lands most intimate companion. Renekton armies were all but devastated; never would they pose such a threat again.

With The Golem as their new Gate Keeper, The Great Library knew peace again… at least for a while. The coming of the portals again brought turmoil to The Desert Empire, with hostile beings emerging across the land. This new and terrible threat forced Nasus to depart on a quest to seal them, inviting all who could follow.

The malevolent forces of the portal sought power, and The Great Library shone like a star in the all-consuming darkness of the void. With the fabric of reality weakened, the powers of the void easily breached The Great Library’s dimension creating portals from the void to directly within the very halls of The Great Library. A circumstance reminiscent of dark days gone by, The Enlightened’s home was threatened again.

Armed with devastating spells, armies of summoned elementals and mystical creatures the priests fought alongside The Golem tooth and nail, hall by hall but to little avail against the endless hordes of the void. With The Great Library in greater jeopardy than ever they desperately needed Nasus, and so the Golem their most capable soldier was dispatched to locate him in the distant land of Runeterra.

Arriving at Valoran finding the famed guardian proved trivial, his power was a continent wide beacon. Though on reaching him, to the The Golem’s dismay Nasus refused to return. While his task was incomplete, the entire Desert Empire remained at risk. Instead Nasus proposed an alternative.

A pact could be made with the legendary Summoners of Valoran. In exchange for The Golem’s participation on the fields of justice, the Summoners would empower the priests of The Great Library with power enough to hold off the void for as long as necessary.

For Euler the choice was easy.


Passive: Amulets Hunger

Gain additional effects based on your current form:

  • Golem – Euler gains as health 5% of damage dealt to enemies, and 5% of sources of ally healing around him. This effect is increased by 1% for every enemy champion within a certain range.
  • Dune – Euler is healed for 1 hp for every 2 units of distance moved.
  • Sand Wall – Incoming damage is reduced by 12%.

Q: Vigil

Vigil has different effects depending on what form Euler is in:

  • Golem – Euler strikes a target upto 450 units away, knocking the target back for the remaining cast distance and dealing 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 40% bonus AP).
  • Dune – With his sand trail following, Euler burrows into the earth re-appearing 400 units ahead.
  • Sand Wall – Sand flows from the wall applying a decaying slow of 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65% to nearby enemy champions and granting vision of them for 3 seconds.

W: Sand-Shifter

Euler disintegrates, transforming into a dune of sand that leaves a sand trail of maximum length 400/ 500 / 600 on movement. Whilst in this form he cannot perform basic attacks. Any enemies who walk on the sand trail suffer some damaged. After a 6 / 7 / 8 seconds Euler returns to Golem form.

Activating this ability again temporarily transforms Euler and his sand trail into an impassable Sand Wall for the remaining duration of the ability. During this time he cannot move or perform basic attacks.

E: Resounding Roar

Range: 1250 Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 seconds Cost: 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 / 54 healthFor 10 seconds Euler increases his stats and that of his surroundings allies depending on what form he is in:

  • Golem – AS 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70%, Ally AS 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%
  • Dune – MS 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 32%, Ally MS 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16%
  • Sand Wall – AR & MR 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 22, Ally AR & MR 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

The bonus does not alter with changes in form.

R: Eternal Burden

Range: 1000 Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 Cost: No costFor 15 seconds Euler extends a shield onto all allied champions which transfers 6 / 7 / 8% of their damage received to Euler. If at any time ally champions receive lethal damage, 100% of the damage is transferred toEuler.After absorbing a minimum of 100 damage and a maximum of 350 / 500 / 700 Euler can choose to fire an energy bolt from his amulet to end the ultimate early. The energy bolt bounces between four targets (prioritizing champions) dealing the damage absorbed (+ 50% AP), and 15 % less magic damage on consecutive bounces. The option to cast the energy bolt expires after 3 seconds of the ultimate ending.If Euler dies during his ultimate he explodes, dealing 80 % of the damage absorbed to enemy units in a 250 range.Euler’s ultimate can be used in any form.

Champion Statistics

Health: 423 (+90)
Health Regen: 7.45 (+0.55)
Range: 125 (Melee)
Attack Damage: 56.3 (+3.375)
Attack Speed: 0.638 (+3.4%)
Armour: 18 (+3.75)
Magic Res: 30 (+1.25)
Mov Speed: 335

Bonus Challenge

Bonus Quest

When Euler and Az’Taral are on opposing teams in Summoners Rift the following change occur:

  • The map is re-skinned with a desert theme.
  • One Nexus is changed to resemble an grand underground entrance to The Great Library the other a portal to the void.
  • Minions are re-skinned appropriately for each Nexus.
  • Two Obelisks appear on the map, one near Baron the other Dragon.

At first the game proceeds as normal but after several minutes the Obelisks activate. These Obelisks can captured by any and all champions but at half the rate of Euler or Az’Taral. Obelisks can be de-captured by anyone.

If an Obelisk is captured it promotes the siege unit in its nearby lane. If both Obelisks are captured by the same team a buffed promoted unit is sent down the middle lane. The promoted unit for Euler is a Purifier, for Az’Taral it is a Corrupter.

Players goals remain the same but each Nexus is heavily buffed in some manner, and though it can be destroyed conventionally these promoted units help in a significant way. E.g remove some kind of protective ward around the building, the nexus has a big hp buff and they do a heavy amount of damage on collision.

Euler vs Az’Taral

Coming soon!



  • Added appearance description.
  • Removed taunt affect from Q: Golem.


  • Added a decaying slow effect to Wall of Sand.
  • Removed the slow effect from Dune form.
  • Changed his R to have the option to fire early after receiving some minimum damage.
  • Separated the health gain from his passive into both types of resistances.
  • Added that he has no mana/energy, his abilities cost health.


  • Changed Wall of Sand Q to have a decaying slow and vision effect.
  • Changed trail of sand to follow Euler during Dune Dash.
  • Made clear that the effect of E does not change with a change in form.
  • Made it clear that transforming into wall of sand changes some of trail of sand to impassable terrain as well.


  • Changed ability names – prob will change again.
  • Changed passive – thanks SubjectSeven!


  • Tweaked passive again.
  • Changed ability names.
  • Added champion lore.
  • Changed champions name to Euler, Golem of The Great Library.


  • Added healing sources as a sustain form to passive.
  • Almost finished ability numbers.
  • Tweaked Euler’s ultimate to include a death resistant effect.
  • Added lore to explain the amulet more.
  • Added champ stats for Euler.

v3.4 – After RoC

  • Changed Eulers Golem Q.
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