Dyscourse, Impressions

Recently I’ve been playing Dyscourse, a survival adventure video game developed and published by Owlchemy. The following are my notes:

There be spoilers ahead, read at your own peril!


  • Effective non playable character ‘humanization’
    • Text – One character makes a reference to the main players clothes
    • Actions – Passing around of water bottles scene

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  • Warm colorful storybook art style
  • Characters reflect ‘character’ through facial expressions, walking style, and speech which conveys the characters emotion
  • ‘Torchlight Talk’ mechanic, it makes sense that the fire goes out over time making talking limited

  • Time based events with clearly conveyed state e.g combo sequence required to defeat boar

  • Color coding for character dialog messages

  • Slight shine on wooden planks to attract players attention

  • Choice confirmation points that give a player a chance to again consider

  • Rewind feature, which allows player to go through the story again and try get the outcome they actually desire


  • My save file got ‘corrupted’ and I had to restart the whole game again


  • Character Collision – There was no response from pushing around non playable characters. This temporarily broke immersion for me. Two methods I believe can remedy this are:
    • Non playable character makes a sound or a dialog message after a certain amount of pushing
    • Context sensitive dialog message when pushed near an object

  • Story Explorer Tree – Give each ‘situation’ a node in a tree that is visible after the game is complete once. Currently the ‘story space’ of the game is invisible, doing this would hint at ‘possibilities’, and hopefully assist replayability.

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