Video Editor Hunting

When starting her YouTube channel my sister needed editing software in-order to make her video content. Being a Windows user new to creating videos, she naturally picked up Windows Movie Maker.


She found Movie Maker to be a straight to the point, easy to use software which allowed her to add basic features such as text, transitions and colors. One negative she found was difficulty in adding voice overs as she was unable to find a built in feature for adding them.

Ultimately Movie Maker proved too simple in its offered features so being an iPhone owner iMovie was her next choice. It provided themes, background music and the ability to upload her videos directly from her phone to YouTube which helped her create and upload content faster.


Despite the benefits of iMovie there were some issues, primarily the restrictions of text appearance, volume control and being unable to use non-iTunes music. Looking for more control, after some digging around she tried out Wondershare. Which was great until she realized the video watermarks weren’t coming out without paying.

So we started looking into a free alternative. One name came up several times, Lightworks. It seemed to be the best in terms of available features, but for the power came a price of a steep learning curve, and therefore not currently acceptable. More digging later we finally came across VSDC Video Editor.


VSDC found that sweet spot. Free software that provides more features than Windows Movie Maker, yet not as much of a challenge to learn as Lightworks.

Check our first attempt at a video with VSDC that we recently posted on her YouTube Channel.


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