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Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition

Are you looking for an insightful perspective into issues regarding the game industry?

Are your capable of listening to someone who probably does not share your opinion?

Are you capable of assimilating potentially provocative thoughts in-order to further your own understanding?

The Jimquisition
The Jimquisition

Then the entertaining, often outspoken non-journalist Jim Sterling is the man to see. Here’s the latest episode of The Jimquisition from his channel:

Video Editor Hunting

When starting her YouTube channel my sister needed editing software in-order to make her video content. Being a Windows user new to creating videos, she naturally picked up Windows Movie Maker.


She found Movie Maker to be a straight to the point, easy to use software which allowed her to add basic features such as text, transitions and colors. One negative she found was difficulty in adding voice overs as she was unable to find a built in feature for adding them.

Ultimately Movie Maker proved too simple in its offered features so being an iPhone owner iMovie was her next choice. It provided themes, background music and the ability to upload her videos directly from her phone to YouTube which helped her create and upload content faster.


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Extra Credits – A Resource for Game Designers

I was talking to a friend the other day on the topic of personal game design interview experiences. I mentioned mine could have gone better if I’d have had a deeper understanding of game design. To this he recommended that I start watching videos from a YouTube channel called Extra Credits.

So far I’ve watched about 26 of their videos in about a day, and I fully intend to watch every last one. They’re that good!

If you believe games matter, then check them out too. You wont be disappointed.