About Me

After graduating from The University of Edinburgh with a Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering I spent two years developing mobile apps as a software engineer. Following my desire to work in the video game industry I pivoted from a career in enginnering, choosing to pursue game design.

On being admitted to Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) I specialized in game design. During my time at the ETC I produced two award winning educational games, interned at Schell Games where I shipped a Star Wars project, and at DICE LA where I worked on the Battlefield franchise.

On obtaining my masters degree I returned to DICE LA to work on Battlefield as a multiplayer designer, following which I made a move to the UK to work as Level Designer at Automaton Games.

At current I am working with the awesome folks at Ubisoft Düsseldorf as a Level Designer on their VR team!

Info: jibrankhan@somegamez.com / Resume / LinkedIn

My Oldest Passion
My Oldest Passion