NoseDive – Building Virtual Worlds, Round 4

Introduction: Developed on the CAVE with Makey Makey, NoseDive had guests play in the CAVE environment using airplane controls we constructed using Makey Makey.

Platform: CAVE, and Makey Makey in Unity 3D | Time: 2 weeks | Roles: Programmer – Game Designer – Producer | Team Size: 5

Story: Our game had our guests take the role of make shift pilots thrust into having to fly a plane to safety through a terrible storm when the captain has become incapacitated.

Design Challenges:

  • Adapting to the CAVE environment.
  • Creating an authentic flight simulator experience with an easily understand story.

Design Goal: To create an authentic story of saving the day through the game we created.

My Contributions: For NoseDive I was producer, designer and programmer. Being producer involved scheduling and coordination of our teams artist, programmer and sound designer. In addition I assisted my fellow programmer with environment and Unity prop setup.


In regards to game design, given this was story round I found it essential to spend time considering our games story structure. Using Kurt Vonnegut’s concepts of the shapes of stories I went about crafting a series of events to map onto one of the story curves.

Following this story structure I created two sheets.

  • The first had general story events including a proposed failed state.
  • The second furthered developed successful story events with art, program and audio to support that story event.

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These events mapped onto the Man in Hole story curve.

I then worked with our projects artist who created the following storyboards to match the series of events. We then used this storyboard to help us create our story game experience.

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