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Rock and Revy Argue, Black Lagoon – Anime Imagery Analysis

Lately I’ve been watching Black Lagoon, and during the second half of Episode 7 there’s a great scene where Rock and Revy argue. What transpires is in my opinion a turning point in Rock and Revy’s relationship that is worth a deeper look.

(Caution! Spoilers Be Ahead! Before going any further I recommend watching up until the end of Black Lagoon Episode 7)

Since a hobby of mine is analyzing scenes (though I rarely transcribe my musings), I thought to myself, heck I have a blog and a great scene. Lets write something down.

The focus of this short piece will be on my major observations of the imagery employed by the creators of this scene. Why imagery over dialogue? Simple. Because I’ve found gleaning meaning from the imagery of this scene more enjoyable (a big props to the English dub by Brad SwaileMaryke Hendrikse, their amazing work makes this one of the best anime scenes that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing).


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