Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1, Study

The format of this piece will be a description of Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1 with a to scale time line with emotion sections plotted with the following Key, where High Emotions are plotted below the time line (black line) and Low Emotions are plotted above.

Following this there will be a number of pie charts in the following format. Pie charts on the left are Totals of the scene, and pie charts on the right are Screen Time. Lastly the raw data for this scene will be presented in the form of a table.

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Spoiler Alert! You’ve been warned!

With that out of the way lets begin! (A video of the scene is at the end of the post if you wish to watch it first!)

Scene One

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1 begins with a severed hand, in a facility which is clean, cold, and deathly silent. We are thrown into a series of grizzly scenes with absolutely no context (1) .

Shock Factor
Shock Factor

The scene then shifts to one of a different tone. The appearance of Kuramas secretary Kisaragi serves as the only high section (2) of the scene injecting a dose of Cheerfulness that likely sets up a contrast with the emotions of Horror mixed with Nervousness from Section 1, creating a feeling of dread which is underscored by a tense section of guards preparing and an out of place Kisaragi with a cheery panda mug (3).

Episode 1 Scene 1 Time Line

Akin to this technique would be a scene of a raging tornado followed by a scene of a butterfly flying in a serene but increasingly windy meadow. This feeling of dread is confirmed when our metaphorical butterfly Kisaragi flys head first into our Tornado, Lucy.


After having killed a number of guards, some of whom no longer posed a threat (4), Lucy gruesomely kills Kisaragi which likely evokes feelings of Anger (7) followed by Disgust (8). Lucy shows no mercy to the innocent, or respect for the dead using Kisaragis headless corpse as an unnecessary shield, perhaps to provoke Kurama.


Kisaragi function is to access other emotions, and break up the overwhelming amount of Fear in the scene. We see her death is in a period of High Emotional Activity which we can see in the timeline from (5-9) and it evokes Rage and Disgust. Lucy then proceed to kill a number of guards and ultimately escapes from the prison (9, 10, 11).

The opening scene at least leaves the viewer with a dislike of Lucy as well, and captures our attention with such dark imagery without context, leaving us curious, and it is Kisaragi who brings the most Emotional Variety to this scene, being the main cause for the scenes Rage, Disgust and Cheerfulness.

Pie Charts

High/Low Stats – Scene 1

Low Sections vastly outnumber High Sections in this scene in terms of both Screen Time and Totals making it a Low Scene.

Primary Emotion Stats - Scene 1
Primary Emotion Stats – Scene 1

Fear makes up 73% in Totals, and is 17% greater in value in Screen Time, and from the Time Line we can see that we have more numerous, and longer periods of Fear than other Primary Emotions in this scene.

We can see the inverse in Anger which makes up for 18% in Totals but only 3% in Screen Time which from the Time Line shows we have shorter and fewer sections of Anger in this scene.

Secondary Emotion Stats - Scene 1
Secondary Emotion Stats – Scene 1

When we break down each of the Primary Emotions in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1 we find that from Fear, Horror and Nervousness were near equal in Totals, but in Screen Time Horror was 29% greater than Nervousness.

Cheerfulness remained relatively equal, but Disgust and Horror received much less Screen Time in comparison to their Totals values.

Raw Data

# Time High/Low Primary Emotion Secondary Emotion Description
1 1:30 – 3:13 Low Fear Horror Lucy breaks free.
2 3:13 – 3:39 High Joy Cheerfulness Meeting Kisaragi – Kurama’s secretary.
3 3:39 – 3:55 Low Fear Nervousness Security guards prepare. Kisaragi clumsy with happy mug.
4 3:56 – 6:15 Low Fear Horror Lucy kills lots of guards.
5 6:34 – 6:52 Low Fear Nervousness Lucy opens blast doors to see lots of guards. Kisaragiragi falls in front of Lucy.
6 6:52 – 6:57 Low Fear Horror Lucy kills Kisaragi.
7 6:57 – 7:03 Low Anger Rage Kurama orders many guards to open fire on Lucy.
8 7:03 – 7:09 Low Anger Disgust Lucy uses Kisaragi’s body as a shield.
9 7:09 – 7:26 Low Fear Nervousness Lucy begins counter attack.
10 7:26 – 7:35 Low Fear Horror Lucy kills guards.
11 7:35 – 9:02 Low Fear Nervousness Lucy gets trapped then is shot while leaving facility and falls.

Totals Counts

Statistics related to Totals in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1.


High Low
1 10

Primary Emotions

Anger Fear Joy
2 8 1

Secondary Emotions

Cheerfulness Disgust Horror Nervousness Rage
1 1 4 4 1

Screen Time Counts

Statistics related to Screen Time in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1.


High Low
26 406

Primary Emotions

Anger Fear Joy
12 394 26

Secondary Emotions

Cheerfulness Disgust Horror Nervousness Rage
26 6 256 138 6

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 1