Spider Queen and Company

Here’s an painting project I did several years back when I was playing Games Workshop Lord of the Rings table top board game. The models are the Spider Queen (without her swarms) and four Giant Spiders.

Spider Queen and Company

To paint these models I followed the Fall of The Necromancer Sourcebook painting guide on page 25, so a big thanks to Games Workshop for such a great book. Unfortunately it’s no longer available, but there are of course still ways to get a copy…

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Here’s the basics of what I did.

I started these models with a base coat of Chaos Black, leaving it in the recesses of the model when painting.

  • The black giant spider was done with dry brushing then highlights with Skull White.
  • The red giant spider was done by first painting a coat of Scab Red, then highlights with Blood Red followed by a Red Ink wash.
  • Both brown giant spiders were done first with a coat of Scorched Brown, the other had additional highlights with Snakebite Leather.

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The queen was tougher to do.

  • Her skin is painted in mostly Chaos Black with a little Rotting Flesh. Then more Rotting Flesh is added to the mix and used for highlights till I was happy with the look.
  • The fangs were first coated with Graveyard Earth, then highlighted with Bleached Bone and then fine highlights were done with Skull White.
  • The broodlings were first coated with Graveyard Earth, then Desert Yellow leaving the previous coat in the recesses. Lastly highlights were done with Bleached Bone.
  • The boils were done with watered down Scab Red, then a wash with Red and Brown Ink.
  • Christopher Berger (a friend of mine) did the base for me; he really did a good job.

I think it turned out well.

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