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AI and Games – YouTube Channel

Since my time at The University of Edinburgh, one of my interests has been A.I in games. One great resource I came across that is both informative, and accessible is a YouTube Channel called AI and Games.

The channel is hosted by Tommy Thompson, an Artificial Intelligence researcher, computer science lecturer, and game developer. The channels videos/lectures, and accompanying articles on their site make useful materials for anyone interested in the field of AI and Games.

AI and Games
AI and Games

I’ve personally found these resources to have been most helpful. In particular an informative video that had a look at the A.I. used in the game F.E.A.R helped me write my notes on the A.I. employed by F.E.A.Rs NPCs.

If AI and Games is also one of your areas of interest, be sure to give this a channel a look! To kick things off, here’s a video by Tommy Thompson which serves as a good place to start.


FEAR has been cited as one of the most influential A.I. games. FEAR’s claim to fame was its implementation of NPC A.I. using a system called Goal Oriented Action Planning.

Since I have some experience with planning in games, I wanted to have a look at the techniques used. After some digging I thought I’d put together a brief summary of what I learnt.


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