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White Water Rafting – Pittsburgh

Have you ever gone white water rafting? With a lottery, a little yellow ticket, and the efforts of Carnegie Mellon Universities Graduate Student Assembly, I have.


So on a dreary Sunday morning we set off for the main university campus, got on a bus, and traveled to the lower Youghiogheny River.


When we finally arrived, we were dropped off at the outdoor office of our guides, The Laurel Highlands River Tours (imagine the following picture but grey and rainy).


On confirming our reservation we promptly collected our gear, ran through various vitally important safety measures, then began rafting. The experience required working together with ones raft cohabitants, and though we ‘frequently’ faced trials and tribulations, we always pulled through in the end.


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Painting IndoPak Independence in Pittsburgh

The 14/15th of August is Pakistan and India’s Independence day. As part of the celebration a bunch of Carnegie Mellon (CMU) students planned to paint CMU’s famous fence in both nations colors. Some friends and I tagged along to help out, and be a part of the old CMU tradition.


The end result was something to be proud of.


To The Entertainment Technology Center

Over the past several months I’ve been busy applying to Masters programs in The United States of America. Pondering ones fate whilst waiting is at times nerve wracking, but the wait has been worth it. I am happy to say that awhile back I was admitted to The Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon!


After some serious consideration I believe that a practical focus on game design is exactly what I need. Therefore I intend to attend Carnegie Mellon for a two year Masters program come Fall 2016!


So fingers crossed! By August I hope to be doing a Masters in Entertainment Technology at The Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburgh!