Building Virtual Worlds – Round 0

Building Virtual Worlds at Carnegie Mellon University starts with each student being assigned a role in Round 0. Since I have a Computer Science background, my role was that of programmer; this entailed I build a world that employed a number of basic features in Unity, such as:

  • Loads models and textures.
  • Play animations.
  • Use intervals, lighting, collisions, and multiple scenes.

The world can be downloaded here.


When considering the world, what I noticed was the amazing talent of the artists and musicians around me. It occurred to me what a shame it would be for their work not to be seen. I decided then that my virtual world would be a gallery of other peoples work. My first task was then to coordinate of assets with artists, and sound designers.


Artists were initially required to create animated lunchboxes, then dragons, and sound designers were required to create music for a clip of game play from a previously made world. I decided to meld the two by attaching audio sources to several of the artists assets that would constantly play music made by our sound designers.

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After collecting the above assets, I went about designing a simple level in Unity that would be my gallery. My gallery would have two levels with the following floor plans:

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With a floor plan in mind I then created three distinct scenes:

  • Start – The starting scene.
  • Main – The main games scene.
  • End – The end scene.

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Using the above designs I went about creating the virtual world. First I modeled the structure in Unity, then did the interiors, and lastly added a Skybox. Once the model was complete I placed the various assets I collected, animated them, and in one case used a co-routine to make a dragon fly back and forth. The result was finally the following:

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Here’s some game play footage.




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