Mundo – Overwatch Overhaul

A brief re-imagining of League of Legends champion Mundo into an Overwatch hero.


Mundo always regenerates a small amount of health per second.

Left Click

Mundo swings his cleaver dealing melee damage.

Right Click

Throw Cleaver (hold to control throw distance) at the cost of health. If a hero is hit Mundo gains some HP and the hero is slowed.


Mundo performs a special cleaver attack that does proportionally more damage the lower Mundos health is.


At the cost of health Mundo gains higher regeneration, and increased movement speed.


The challenge here was adapting Mundo’s existing League of Legends kit into an Overwatch hero kit. The first step was to study Mundos League of Legends kit. Mundo is like a river of HP that has outlets in forms of damage namely single target distance, area of effect, and melee. Considering this I tried to craft a tank champ with the funnest part of Mundos play which is throwing cleavers.


League of Legends Mundo has a passive that gives regeneration over time so such a passive seemed appropriate provided abilities drained the HP gain in a balanced manner.

Left Click

Watching gameplay and looking at images of Mundo I decided the cleaver should be fairly large and Mundo should slice in cross patterns similar to how he does in League of Legends.

The left click would swing the cleaver as this would be more like design of Overwatch heroes that use left click as normal attack.

Right Click

Mundos Q inspired my design of right click. Holding right click would charge up a throw, which would increase damage and throw distance. Additionally to make the use more rewarding, cleavers should be able to bounce on surfaces for more interesting skill shots.

Shift – Masochism

Mundos Burning Agony was an ability I considered for Shift, but I thought given the fast three dimensional experience of Overwatch an AOE damage life drain ability would be less effective and rewarding so I did not add the ability to Mundos Overwatch Kit.

Instead I drew inspiration from Mundos Masochism ability and turned into a special attack. The damage increase of the ability would be inversely proportional to Mundo’s health, and  the percentage would be displayed below Mundo’s target cursor

R – Sadism

Since Mundo’s ultimate gave him an increase in health regen, and movement speed in exchange for health I translated this ability into directly into Mundos Overwatch hero kit.

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