Missed Connection, Visual Story VR Assignment

Introduction: Missed Connection is our virtual reality team coursework assignment for Visual Story at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center.

A special thanks to the folks over at Carnegie Library for letting us film there + being awesome!

Time: 1 Week | Team Size: 5 | Role: Producer – Director

My Contributions: I was involved in various aspects of the project, primarily:

  • Location scouting.
  • Arranging equipment, props, and conducting team meetings.
  • Building our second Lego storyboard.
  • Directing our final film.


Learning from our last assignment we went into this project prepared to plan properly. We began with an idea of a love story in the library. Following this we created a Lego storyboard, and script.

We then scouted libraries around Pittsburgh, ultimately finding The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Within the library we found two great locations. The first was rows of library books, because of its depth, leading lines, and many opportunities for occlusion.

The second location was a staircase, which was spacious, with different height levels.

Considering these locations we adapted the script, and created another Lego storyboard.

With a plan of action we set off to film for the day, and during filming we ensured that we:

  • Timed the length of takes.
  • Setup a method of coordinating our actors during takes (hiding in the bookshelves!).

Once filming was completed all that was left was editing, and adding music, and voila all done!

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