Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2, Study

The format of this piece will be a description of Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2 with a to scale time line with emotion sections plotted with the following Key, where High Emotions are plotted below the time line (black line) and Low Emotions are plotted above.

Following this there will be a number of pie charts in the following format. Pie charts on the left are Totals of the scene, and pie charts on the right are Screen Time. Lastly the raw data for this scene will be presented in the form of a table.

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Spoiler Alert! You’ve been warned!

With that out of the way lets begin! (A video of the scene is at the end of the post if you wish to watch it first!)

Scene Two

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2 starts off with an atmospheric section to relieve us of the previous Low Scene (1). It does this with several methods including:

  • Sound – Wind, birds, running water, and the rustle of trees.
  • Music – Light string background music that is sweet yet melancholy.
  • Color – Lots of light, bright colors, and plenty of contrast. Green foliage, blue water, and sky appear a good deal in the first section, as well pink blossom trees and their petals as high lights. The use of these colors help add life to the plain grey concrete.
Episode 1 Scene 2 Time Line
Episode 1 Scene 2 Time Line

As a small aside, its worth noting the contrast in crafting between the cold, lifeless and deadly silent environment of the the previous scene, and this scene which is full of light and life.

Additionally from our scene time line we can observe Nervousness, Cheerfulness, Surprise and Relief are used in a somewhat cyclical manner. Nervousness, a Low emotion, creates tenseness, and in this scene it is often followed by a High emotion either Surprise, Relief or Cheerfulness in an almost tense and release cycle.


Moving on, Yuka meets Kouta and they go to the beach (13). The beaches atmosphere is toned down with the green and pink colors largely stripped away, and only the sound of the waves, in preparation for a Sadness section (14).

Another point worth noting is how the characters are used to set the emotions of the section through facial expressions such as Sadness/Nervousness.

Kouta & Yuka Nervous/Sad
Kouta & Yuka Nervous/Sad

When we first see Nyu, we initially feel tension due to the use of a foreboding sound, and the facial expressions of Kouta and Yuka (15), though our Fear is confused by Surprise (16) due to Nyus childlike behavior. Yuka then proceeds to cover the stark naked Nyu, after which she and Kouta observe Nyu.

Our Nervousness once again flares up through Koutas sudden dark and unclear flashback of a mysterious figure (17) and the ‘liar’ line of dialogue. Distortion affects are used along with a facial expression from Kouta to add to a sense of Nervousness.

A Dark Memory
A Dark Memory

After Kouta recovers from his flashback, Yuka suggests they take Nyu back to Koutas new place after assuring Nyu cheerfully assuring her that she is safe (an appropriate use of language for the next section).

What follows is a soothing section that uses light piano music, earthy colors, and some significant re-appearing imagery (18) including:

  • Statues – Which appear frequently throughout series such as Kouta and Kaede meetings, or Kouta and Yuka’s shrine scene from Episode 6.
  • Stairs – Several significant scenes occur on stairs such as Kouta and Lucys climax in the last episode.
Familiar Imagery
Familiar Imagery

Kouta, Nyu and Yuka arrive at Koutas new place, and watching Nyus childish amazement is disarming (19). Nyu enters Koutas house, and scares us a little with her behavior (20). We are surprised though when actually it turns out she wanted to use the bathroom, but perhaps did not know how to (21-22).

We see Nyus innocence as she behaves like a little child who does not understand ‘nudity’, how to shower oneself, or even to go to the bathroom (23). Our scene ends with being disarmed even further by a section were Nyu is being fed like a child and smiles (24).

Who is this?
Who is this?

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2 spends its time relieving us of the last scene. Introducing new characters and dips oh so slightly into their histories to wet our curiosity. Its interest how different this scene is from the last in how they present Lucy, and Nyu. Lucy is crafted so far to be disliked, and Nyu’s innocent portrayal is disarming. This dissonance between personalities leaves us confused on the true nature of this character.

Pie Charts


The scene contains far more High sections than Low sections in both terms of Totals and Screen Time making it a High Scene.


Breaking down High and Low sections show that more High sections were Joy and Joy sections received more Screen Time than Surprise.

As for Low sections:

  • Sadness remained near equal in Totals and Screen Time.
  • Fear sections Screen Times value was 10% higher than in Totals.


  • Nervousness and Cheerfulness received the same number of sections in Totals but Cheerfulness was 17% greater in Screen Time.
  • ReliefSurprise, and Sadness remained fairly equal in both categories.

Other interesting points to note are:

  • Relief sections in this scene are used to setup a safe, and happy environment.
  • Cheerfulness is often used to setup Nyu as a innocent character, quite the opposite of Lucys portrayal.
  • The single use of Sadness was for Koutas backstory.

Raw Data

Time references are based on a full episode, and therefore are not accurate with the video of the scene at the bottom.

# Time High/Low Primary Emotion Secondary Emotion Description
12 9:05 – 9:46 High Joy Relief Light; Soothing music; Running water; Natural sounds; introduced to new location.
13 9:46 – 10:52 High Joy Cheerfulness Yuka meets Koda and goes to beach.
14 10:52 – 11:31 Low Sadness Sadness Koda and Yuka remember Kanai.
15 11:31 – 12:04 Low Fear Nervousness Koda and Yuka see Lucy/Mew.
16 12:04 – 12:45 High Surprise Surprise Mew's very childlike reaction.
17 12:45 – 13:15 Low Fear Nervousness Koda remembers something dark.
18 13:15 – 13:52 High Joy Relief Yuka tells Mew she is safe; Then soothing scene with music; light; and natural sounds.
19 13:52 – 14:35 High Joy Cheerfulness Yuka introduces new location which they enter and speaks cheerfully.
20 14:35 – 15:06 Low Fear Nervousness Mew behaves a little strangely.
21 15:06 – 15:11 High Joy Cheerfulness Mew smiles.
22 15:11 –15:14 Low Fear Nervousness Mew becomes ‘strained’.
23 15:14 – 15:41 High Surprise Surprise Mew Urinates; Koda cleans up; Yuka givers her a bath and we see Mew is confused about clothing.
24 15:41 – 16:38 High Joy Cheerfulness Yuka offers food and speaks cheerfully; Yuka Koda and Mew share a meal together.

Totals Counts

Statistics related to Totals in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2.


High Low
8 5

Primary Emotions

Joy Sadness Fear Surprise
6 1 4 2

Secondary Emotions

Relief Cheerfulness Sadness Nervousness Surprise
2 4 1 4 2

Screen Time Counts

Statistics related to Screen Time in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2.


High Low
317 136

Primary Emotions

Joy Sadness Fear Surprise
249 39 97 68

Secondary Emotions

Relief Cheerfulness Sadness Nervousness Surprise
78 171 39 97 68

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 2

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