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Sacrifice on Steam – A suggested fix for Windows 8.1

Setup steps (ensure you have admin privileges):

  1. Download the game from your Steam library.
  2. Go to the location of Sacrifice.exe in your system, the path is something like – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacrifice


  1. Right click on Sacrifice.exe and go into Properties.


  1. Choose the Compatibility tab from the Sacrifice.exe Properties menu that pops up, then press the Change settings for all users button.

sacrifice_compatability_tab Continue reading Sacrifice on Steam – A suggested fix for Windows 8.1

Shogun 2 Total War – A Recommendation

I remember nearly not buying the first Shogun Total War since it required four CD’s, which meant three other games I couldn’t have.

I remember sitting infront of my desktop impatiently. Expectantly flicking through the manual while the game installed, CD to CD.


I remember a journey. Fighting alongside the Shimazu, rising from Kyushu, besting the great clans of Japan to ultimately ascend as Shogun.

I remember years of waiting for a worthy successor to one of my life’s best games.

In 2011. I found Shogun 2.

I’ve been looking at Shogun 2s Campaign Map UI. Check it out here!