Chowder the Storm Crab – League of Legends Champion Design

Hey everyone this is my first time posting a champion on the forms. So here is an idea of mine and I’d really like to know what the community thought of it. Any and all feedback is welcome!

Chowder, The Storm Crab v3.2


1. Appearance
2. Lore
3. Characteristics
4. Abilities
5. Abilities Notes
6. Capabilities
7. Countermeasures
8. Change-Log

1. Appearance

Here’s this great art by radiationboyy. It captures the bulky, powerful, yet lumbering sea crab style that I envisage for Chowder. As a small addition though I would add some chains to his claws for a better fit with his lore and Q.


I do not own this art, for the original posting please follow the link below.

2. Lore

Worth their weight in gold, the deadly Storm Crabs of the Guardian Sea were a short-lived Noxian delicacy. Taken from the depths of the Guardian Sea to the bustling Ivory Ward Marketplace, such a prize brought Noxus’s lowly fisherman much needed respect.

Some say the crabs had learnt the ways of the storms when Runeterra was young, that’s why they lived in the heart of a seemingly endless one. Hearing the tales of the Storm Crab hunters, a promising young Noxian saw an opportunity to magnify his strength and end an indulgence that he saw as a sign of weakness. Arranging two ships he set off, and after two perilous weeks on the sea the storm was in sight.

He brought death, overseeing the systematic destruction of the Storm Crabs. When all the crabs were either slain or captured, he left, leaving the remaining petty work to his crew of weaklings. The crew gorged themselves on crab. Arguing amongst themselves about how to cook the last Storm Crab one dish stuck, Chowder, that crab took it as his name and as a reminder.

Having watched the annihilation of everything he knew and held dear drove Chowder insane, a mighty storm was brewing. With new found strength Chowder broke free of his chains, and with maddened frenzy shredded whatever was in his path, including the ship.

With nothing left Chowder roamed the seas indiscriminately destroying, soon becoming a threat to the trade routes of Blue Flame Island. Fizz the savior of Bilgewater sought out this new menace. On finding the it Fizz was capable enough to stave off its attacks long enough to communicate with the monster.

On Hearing Chowders tale and learning of his desire to find the young Noxian soldier, Fizz informed Chowder that what he sought could be found on the fields of justice. Thus Chowder joined the League of Legends to find and destroy that young soldier that started it all.

3. Characteristics

Attributes: Support, Melee, Tank
Stats: Attack Power – 6/10
Defense Power – 9/10
Ability Power – 1/10
Difficulty – 7/10

The following stats are based off Malphite’s with a few adjustments:

Health 423 (+90)
Health Regen. 7.15 (+0.35)
Mana 215 (+40)
Mana Regen. 6.1 (+0.35)
Range 125 (Melee)
Attack Damage 56.3 (+3.375)
Attack Speed 0.638 (+3.4%)
Armour 18 (+3.75)
Magic Res. 28 (+1.00)
Move. Speed 320

Character Stat Adjustments
  • Base Speed decreased to 320 from 335
  • Health Regen base lowered to 7.15 from 7.45
  • Mana Regen base decreased to 6.1 from 6.4
  • Health Regen increase per level decreased to 0.35 from 0.55
  • Mana Regen increase per level decreased to 0.35 from 0.55
  • Armour base increased to 20 from 18
  • Armour increase per level increased to 3.9 from 3.75
  • Magic Res base decreased to 28 from 30
  • Magic Res increase per level decreased to 1 from 1.25

4. Abilities

Passive: Watery Retreat

While Chowder is in Water or Dark Sky’s his health and mana regeneration is increased by +5 per 5 seconds. If he takes no action for 4 seconds he becomes camouflaged. While camouflaged Chowder can move once for one second without breaking stealth, any other action or leaving Water or Dark Sky’s will break Chowders stealth immediately.

If while camouflaged Chowder:

  • Performs a basic attack, his target will be snared for a short time.
  • Casts Claw and Chain, his target will be pulled then snared for a short time.

Enemy champions within 200 range or true sight will reveal Chowder.

Q: Claw and Chain

Range: 250 // Cooldown : 14/13/12/11/10 seconds // Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 mana
Chowder instantly grabs a target, pulling it towards him and doing 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% (+50% Bonus AD) of target’s maximum health as bonus physical damage.

W: Enraged Advance

Range: 600 // Cooldown: 15 // Cost: 75/80/85/90/95 mana
Chowder charges either left or right in a perpendicular line to whatever direction he is facing, knocking enemy units out of his path. Chowder can recast the ability within 2 seconds, but becomes tired after the second charge temporarily suffering reduced movement speed.

E: Dark Sky’s

Casting Circle Range: 1400 // AOE Range: 600/700/800/900 // Cooldown: 13/15/17/19
Casting Cost: 75/80/85/90/95 mana // Movement Cost: 25/30/35/40/45 mana
On casting Dark Sky’s, a casting circle appears around Chowders current location. Within the casting circle Chowder can choose to place a smaller circle which is the AOE of Dark Sky’s. For a mana cost Chowder can move Dark Sky’s AOE anywhere within the casting circle until either the ability expires after 9/11/13/15 seconds or Chowders moves outside the casting circle.

Whilst in range of Dark Sky’s AOE Chowder gains a 5/10/15/20/25 increase to his Magic Resistance. Enemies within Dark Sky’s range have their health and mana regeneration decreased by 1/2/2/3 per 5 seconds and visibility reduced to the area of the storm clouds casting circle, everything else will look like it is in the fog of war.

R: Storm Fall

Range: 700 // Cooldown: 130/115/100 // Cost: 100 mana
Chowder summons a whirlpool for 5 seconds which deals both damage over time and reduces the movement speed of enemy units, as well as applying a rotational effect to the movement of non-champion enemies. If while in the whirlpool enemy units collide with another object they take 25 damage, if the object is a champion or immovable object the damage is increased by 10.

The effects of the whirlpool increase closer to its center as following:

  • Damage increasing to 30/40/55/70 per second at 700-400 range, increasing to 40/55/70/85 at 400-125 range and 55/70/85/100 at 125-0 range
  • Slow percentage 20/25/30/35 at 700-400 range, increasing to 40/45/50/55 percent at 400-125 range and finally increasing to 60/65/70/75 percent at 125-0 range.

Whilst in range of Storm Fall, Chowder gains 15/20/25/30 percent increased movement speed.

5. Abilities Notes

  • Chowders passive gives him a source of sustain which is most helpful during the games laning phase.
  • Chowder’s stealth gives him much needed opportunities to sneak closer to or gank his enemies, given his low base movement speed.
  • In the passive ability description the word water refers to watery areas in the Summoners Rift map.
  • Claw and Chain is a standard gap closer for Chowder designed to be his initiating attack in encounters. It is not a suppress ability but rather a Darius’s style apprehend with a single target that does damage based on the targets current percentage hp. This added damage effect gives Chowder some form of regular ability damage that makes him more of a threat and allows him jungle.
  • Chowder W ability gives this slow moving Chowder some much needed utility as the ability has both offensive and defensive applications e.g. intercepting a fleeing enemy or fleeing oneself.
  • To clarify how the ability it would mechanically work, once a direction is chosen the player can then control the distance moved by pressing then releasing W before the maximum distance is moved. This is similar to Varus’s Piercing Arrow.
  • Dark Sky’s allows Chowder to extend the use of his passive to lanes.
  • The ability to move the area of W gives Chowder the flexibility to adjust its positioning at a reasonable cost as its necessary given the nature of frequent lane position changes.
  • The fog of war effect is so that Chowder can mask what is happening in the neighboring lanes and special areas such as Dragon. It’s range will not be enough to hide the majority of gank’s in the lane it is cast.
  • Chowders ultimate has an effect similar to that of Nunu’s in that enemies caught in its range are good targets for focus. Unlike Nunu though Chowder does not need to channel the ability to balance this the effects will be weaker.
  • Ideally the ability would be used where it can be most disruptive (center of team fights) then Chowder strengthened by its affects would proceed to focuses on a soft target such as the opposing teams adc.

6. Capabilities

  • Chowder is a purely melee champion who specializes in team disruption and creating opportunities for attack focus. Though he is slow, with the right preparation he can get in range to perform his function quickly.
  • Chowder is most powerful in the area of effect of his abilities. His abilities synergies to create a storm and beat down the prey that’s caught in it.
  • Dark Sky’s is particularly good during the early game giving Chowder lane sustainability.
  • Chowder is good at ganks in the water canals.

7. Countermeasures

  • As a crab Chowder is very slow, this is an exploitable feature making him vulnerable to faster champions and CC effects.
  • Like most champions who use stealth, true sight can have a terminal effect on his performance.
  • Chowder has no ranged attack capabilities whatsoever making him vulnerable to ranged champions.

8. Change-Log


  • Made Storm Fall’s ability description more concise.


  • Removed Enraged Advance stun effect.
  • Removed Chowders ability augmentations while in his ulti.
  • Realized the misinterpretation of Storm Fall and clarified it.


  • Added appearance art


  • Changed Storm falls rotational effect to only apply to non-champion enemies.
  • Reworked Chowders passive to include snare effects rather than an attack bonus.
  • Reworked Chowders Q to be a pull rather than a suppress.


  • Added index.
  • Rework of passive effect.
  • Ability notes added.
  • Added champions base stats.
  • Reworked Q ability.
  • Reworked E ability.
  • Tweaks to lore and descriptions.


  • Removed E’s no gain while moving effect.
  • Changed the passive stat gain from AS and MS gain to just MR gain.
  • Changed E’s ability description to give a clearer picture of the cast and move mechanic.
  • Changed R’s passive stat gain from AS and MS gain to just AS gain.


  • Added preliminary numbers for all abilities.


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