Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 3, Study

The format of this piece will be a description of Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 3 with a to scale time line with emotion sections plotted with the following Key, where High Emotions are plotted below the time line (black line) and Low Emotions are plotted above.

Following this there will be a number of pie charts in the following format. Pie charts on the left are Totals of the scene, and pie charts on the right are Screen Time. Lastly the raw data for this scene will be presented in the form of a table.

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Spoiler Alert! You’ve been warned!

With that out of the way lets begin! (A video of the scene is at the end of the post if you wish to watch it first!)

Scene Three

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 3 starts with a mangled ball of steel bathed in blood (25) and dead silence except the sound of dripping blood. It’s a big change from the previous scene, and is a shock into a short section of Horror.

We move onto a shot of Kurama, his back stained with a bloody hand print left by Lucy (26), reminding us of her. Perhaps viewers might wonder what kind of relationship do they have? Why didn’t she kill him? Is it a mark of shame?

Kuramas Bloody Hand
Kuramas Bloody Hand

Kurama announces that he intends to kill rather than capture Lucy in-order to save the human race, and what appears to be his new assistance has doubts about his course of actions. Nevertheless Kurama remains stony faced adding to a sense of Nervousness.

Kurama mentions the Special Assault Team (SAT), creating the perfect segue to building Bando. Bando a member of the SAT is in the middle of a training exercise. After establishing his combat excellence with a feat of pint point accuracy, his trainer makes mention of ‘personality issues’ which we glimpse as he mows down all his targets (27), and cries for real ones.

Episode 1 Scene 3 Time Line
Episode 1 Scene 3 Time Line

The simulation operator becomes upset at Bando (28) setting a tone for our own perception. On completing the simulation Bando meets with the simulation operator, and what appears to be his superior.

Bando is given the task of hunting down and killing a target (Lucy) without warning; Bando smiles and laughs happily at the proposition. During this an innocent looking assistant surprises Bando, and likely out of instinct, he strikes her brutally.

Bandos Joy?
Bandos Joy?

The key takeaways of this scene are firstly, a return to the Prison and Kurama who acts to move along the story by setting in motion a response to Lucys escape (26-27). 

Secondly the introduction of Bando, who acts a primary agent in dealing with Lucy. Bandos introduction, and development occur in sections (27-28), and are perhaps designed to induce feelings of Rage and Disgust towards Bando as the creators shape an initial dislike of him. Its interesting that the introduction of Lucy was perhaps done with the same intent.

Will our perceptions of Lucy and Bando change?

Pie Charts

High/Low Stats – Scene 3

This scene is comprised of only Low sections.

Primary Emotion Stats – Scene 3

Fear and Anger are equally split in terms of Totals, and are nearly equal in terms of Screen Time.

Secondary Emotion Stats – Scene 3

In terms of Totals, Fear and Anger are broken down into four sections of one occurrence each giving a split into quarters. In terms of Screen TimeNervousness and Rage sections are much longer than Horror and Disgust sections.

Horror and Nervousness were used to introduce the scene and push forward the plot. Rage and Disgust were used for the character development of Bando.

Raw Data

Time references are based on a full episode, and therefore are not accurate with the video of the scene at the bottom.

# Time High/Low Primary Emotion Secondary Emotion Description
25 16:39 – 16:45 Low Fear Horror Shown Lucys blood covered twisted former holding cage.
26 16:45 – 17:50 Low Fear Nervousness Shown Kuramas back with a bloody hand print; Kurama decides that Lucy needs to be killed. We meet Bondo.
27 17:50 – 18:06 Low Anger Disgust Bondo mows down even innocent simulated target and says he wants to kill real people.
28 18:06 – 19:00 Low Anger Rage Simulation controller gets angry with Bondo; but guy in charge coldly says he understands; Bondo is happy that he gets to kill a girl; and then strikes an innocent looking innocent and blames her for it.

Totals Counts

Statistics related to Totals in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 3.


High Low
0 4

Primary Emotions

Fear Anger
2 2

Secondary Emotions

Horror Nervousness Disgust Rage
1 1 1 1

Screen Time Counts

Statistics related to Screen Time in Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 3.


High Low
0 141

Primary Emotions

Fear Anger
71 70

Secondary Emotions

Horror Nervousness Disgust Rage
6 65 16 54

Elfen Lied Episode 1 Scene 3

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