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Visiting the world of Overlord we are introduced to Momonga, our skeletal protagonist, master of the empty halls of Nazarik within a game called Yggdrasil. The story begins on the day the Yggdrasil servers are to be shut down. Instead of being ejected back into the real world, our protagonist finds himself trapped, transported into a living game world with his domain and subjects.


What I like most about this anime series is the little pockets of humor injected by the personality of the player that we see through his private thoughts, and how he masks his real motives to play the part of the Overlord. Additionally:

  • If you enjoy fantasy settings, you’ll like this.
  • It has an out of the ordinary tale with a cast of delightfully good characters.
  • It is only available with English subs, though the Japanese voice acting is top notch so its no real issue.
  • Fingers crossed for another season!

Be sure to check Overlord out.

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