Hungarfen, The Fungal Horror – League of Legends Champion Design

Role: Mage/Support

Hugarfen is a manaless champion from the Plague Jungles who uses its health as its casting resource. I’’ve written a short introduction that I highly recommend you read before moving on to the champion description.



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When writing Hungarfens lore I choose to be unconventional. My intention was to craft something with little less hand holding. I want to challenge the reader to make inferences while giving them the ingredients to do so. I want the reader to not just read, but think and discover. Hopefully I made that possible.

Lets get started, shall we!

Excerpts from the Diary of Doctor Hungarfen

February 28th, 21 CLE

For once a task worthy of my time! I am to be part of Piltover’s delegation in an Institute sponsored research project. Esteemed colleagues from across Valoran are to gather at the Institute of War for an initial briefing.

After years of wading through dusty corridors relegated to cataloging the countless crumbling tomes of Piltover’s University, finally a chance for real field work!

March 7th, 21 CLE

On arriving at the Institute of War I was reminded of a once intelligent mans favorite comment. In life there are naïve fools aplenty one of whom lives in my household. It was him, as no such person finds themselves here, at the beating heart of Valoran.

The briefing was short. Our research expedition is to travel to the Plague Jungles accompanied by a Summoner to guide and protect us. An appropriate escort!

On concluding the briefing we were formally introduced to the other delegations. I find them to be an ultimately boring collection of characters that are considerably less esteemed than was advertised. Fortunately I need not suffer the ‘pleasantries’ for soon we depart with what I imagine to be research prospects aplenty to distract me along the way.

March 19th, 21 CLE

Summoners are as bad as Noxian dictators! The day we departed he horded us like cattle in wagons. Not at all fitting for a relative of Demacia’s Royals! Now he’s apparently deaf as well.Over the course of our journey he has almost without fail, completely ignored my quite audible protests of wasted research opportunities as we blurred through the wonders of Valoran. The mighty barrier at Mogran, the glorious Pyramids of Shurima bathed in scorching sun, the dense humid wilds of Kumungu. Worlds flown by.

The pleasantries continue. Devastating.

March 21st, 21 CLE

Though the journey has only saddened me so far, on reaching the Plague Jungles my distraught heart was filled with joy.

Once I suffered the snootily dreadful parties of Demacia with my fool of a father. Now I gaze upon such astonishing beauty, abnormalities aplenty the air heavy with a thick brew of magic and mother nature. So much to research! I can hardly contain myself!

April 8th, 21 CLE

Last night there was an incident.On a routine excursion a reported freak magic occurrence caused some sort of organic explosion. Several colleagues were hurt in the blast, and have been quarantined as a precautionary measure.

Given the magical nature of the incident the Summoner has insisted he examine them.

April 17th, 21 CLE

We buried three more last night. A cure must be found soon lest it consumes us all.The Summoner has concluded that the disease is viral in nature given it has spread so rapidly. This virus moves with terrifying lethality, those who fall sick quickly exhibit symptoms of convulsions, fevers, growths and orificial bleeding which severally worsen despite the Summoner’s curative efforts.

Many have fallen sick, many have died.

I feel sick, will I die?

April 20th, 21 CLE

Presumably in an endeavor to lift the spirits of the sick the Summoner would often mention the progress of the healthy. He no longer does.A delirium has set upon me, as of late my dreams have become so vivid. A nightmarish concoction of moaning, noxious odors and magical blue lights. Am I still dreaming?

The bleeding has resumed, and with it a sensation as though burning tendrils crawl beneath my skin. The pain is unbearable.

Do I want a tomorrow?

April 28th, 21 CLE

Focusing what little coherence remains, I write.For the past few days we’ve journey with all due haste to the Institute. Both my health and hope have deteriorated rapidly, fortunately for both since we reached the main roads our passage has been smoother.

From the looks the Summoner gives me, I infer my stench has worsened and my prognosis likely no better. He’s informed me that on our return to the Institute the living are to be admitted to a medical ward for intensive observation.

Glimpses out my wagon unveil the brilliant lights of the Institute in the distance. We are not far, my journey is almost complete.

The Summoner smiles often; I see him smiling now.



In conceptualizing Hungarfen I wanted to make a champion who’s reach, and effect could directly extend beyond that of its local area.

To do so I came up with the idea of The Spore Network. A Spore Network is constructed by Hungarfens player placing Spores, that Connect to each other.


Each Spore has an area of effect (AOE):

A Spore A Spore

Spore’s have the following rules:

  • Spore AOE’s cannot overlap.
  • Spore AOE’s that touch become Connected.


Spore Pulse

To illustrate the Spore Pulse mechanic lets start with an example sequence of events:

Spore Pulse Diagram Spore Pulse Diagram

  • The arrow represents the Pulse direction.
  • Spore One is the Spore the ability was cast on.
  • Spore Two – Three, are other Connected Spores.


  1. An ability is cast on Spore One.
  2. This causes a Spore Effect to occur in Spore One’s AOE.
  3. A Spore Pulse would then begin.
  4. The Spore Pulse causes a Pulse Effect in Spore Two’s AOE.
  5. The Spore Pulse moves to the next SporeSpore Three.
  6. The Spore Pulse causes a Pulse Effect in the current Spore’s AOE – Spore Three’s AOE.
  7. Excluding the first SporeSpore One. The Spore Pulse would then repeat the previous two steps for every Connected Spore at most once.

That was an example of a Spore Network with only one ‘branch’. Given the defined behavior more branches would behave in the same manner.


Passive: Spore Network

Spore Effects have a cool down of 16/12/8 seconds, and on occurring send a Spore Pulse through Connected Spores. Each ability has a unique Pulse Effect for its Spore Pulse that modify a defined stat of allies/enemies by 6/12/18/24% for 8/12/16/20 seconds. (Values are based on R’s level).

Q: Freakish Mucus

Range: 800, Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8, Cost: 4% Current HP

Hungarfen fire a mucus in a line that deals 70/115/160/205/250 (+60%AP) magical damage and snares for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s the first enemy hit.

  • Spore Effect – After a 0.5s delay, deals 60/100/140/180/220 (+50%AP) magical damage and slows enemies by 50% for 3s.
  • Pulse Effect – Increases allies/Reduces enemies movement speed.

W: Parasitic Infection

Range: 550, Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8, Cost: 4% Current HP

Hungarfen fires a parasitic fungus at an enemy unit, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 +8%(+2%AP) enemy’s missing HP as magical damage. After a 1.5s delay heals Hungarfen for 30% of the damage dealt.

  • Spore Effect – After 0.75s, the Spore explodes dealing 15/25/35/45/55 +3% enemy’s missing HP for 3 seconds to enemies in the Spores AOE. After 1 second Hungarfen is healed for 20% of the damage dealt.
  • Pulse Effect – Increases allies/Reduces enemies armor.

E: Noxious Fumes

Range: 800, Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8, Cost: 4% Current HP

Hungarfen tears a nodule from its body throwing it at a target area. On landing the nodule explodes releasing poisonous gas that deals 25/40/55/70/85 (+25%AP) magic damage/s for 3 seconds.

  • Spore Effect – After a 0.75s delay, the Spore oozes out poison creating an expanding pool that covers theSpores AOE and lasts 3s, poisoning enemies for 1.5s.
  • Pulse Effect – Increases allies damage/damage amplification to enemies.

R: Accelerated Infestation

Range: 600, Cooldown: 8, Cost: 4% Current HP

Hungarfen throws a Spore at a target location which stealths after one second. Spores become visible to enemy champions who come within 200 range of the Spore. Spores have an AOE of 800 range, grant vision in a 212.5 radius, and can be killed.

  • Spore Health: 100/150/200
  • Spore HP Regen: 0.3% maximum health per second.

Hungarfen begins with one rank of this ability and can increase it at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Champion Statistics

Health: 400 (+85)
Health Regen: 6 (+0.6)
Range: 500 (Ranged)
Attack Damage: 47 (+3.2)
Attack Speed: 0.647 (+1.68%)
Armor: 15.5 (+4)
Magic Res: 30 (+0)
Mov. Speed: 335

Change Log

03/08/2014 – 1.1

  • Introduction section added.
  • Rework Mature Spore effects.
  • Reduced Infested unit life steal to 50%.

03/08/2014 – 2.0

  • Major simplification!
  • Removed Mature Spores.
  • Reworked Spore Pulses.

04/08/2014 – 3.0

  • Removed Density Area Decrease.
  • Removed Growth Area Increase.
  • Introduced Connection Bonus calculations.
  • Removed Spore Death on casting.
  • Introduced Spore cool down.

05/08/2014 – 3.1

  • Removed connection bonus calculations
  • Removed density areas.
  • Spore Pulses changed to flat bonuses
  • Various ability reworks thanks to Clebardman!
  • Added numbers thanks to Clebardman!
  • Removed Mold Man concept. Replaced with AOE leech.

17/08/2014 – 4.0

  • Added Lore.

17/08/2014 – 4.1

  • Added Spore Strength and Spore Values to R to make it better to level up.

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