Masochisia – Games Testing Project

Browsing Reddit’s PlayMyGame subreddit I found a post by Jon Oldblood asking for QA testers for his upcoming game Masochisia. Wanting some experience having a look at game analytically I volunteered to help out,  and ultimately performed two rounds of testing.

My first round of feedback was based on my first impressions of the game. While playing I took notes on noticeable details that jumped out at me in areas like:

  • Technical issues.
  • Game Aesthetics.
  • Game Audio.
  • Game Story.


My second round of feedback was more in-depth, further detailing previous areas as well as:

  • Character analysis.
  • Discussion of themes.
  • Discussion of issues with game.
  • Suggestions.

Check out Masochisia on Steam, you might just enjoy it, I did.

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