Visual Story – Composition

In our Visual Story course we were tasked to take pictures demonstrating various visual concepts. Our first assignment involved composition, namely working with the following concepts in photography:

  • Balance
  • Filling the Frame
  • Frame Withing a Frame.
  • Lines.
  • Patterns.
  • Rule of Thirds.
  • Shapes.

Below are the pictures I took for each category with a little why for each.

Some of the following photos did not successfully capture the category, but I included them anyways because I enjoyed taking them.


Balance is a tricky concept well explained at Essentially when I took my photos I focused on creating photos with two points of focus and symmetry.

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Filling the Frame

The following pictures were essentially close up, and personal shots of a human subject. Filling the frame is well explained at

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Frame Within a Frame

When taking pictures of our frame within a frame picture category we were required to have our subject contained in a frame (an additional complete boundary) in the photo. Again this concept is well explained by

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Lines in photos can take many forms. Most of my photos were images of leading lines with vanishing points, and these types are just one of many types of lines in photos. For an in-depth explanation of lines in photos check out

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Patterns are repetition of elements. When taking pictures of patterns, one can either emphasize them or break them explains it well.

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Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds involves the positioning of a subject into a three by three grid overlaid on top of ones photo. goes into the rule of thirds in depth.

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There isn’t very much out there that does not have some form of shape, and shapes in photography is about capturing those shapes in an interesting manner. goes into the topic of shapes in photography in much more depth.

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