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Night At The Park – Game Jam Project

Night At The Park was a team project I worked on during one of Edinburgh University’s Game Development Society Game Jam’s. My team consisted of myself, an artist and my friend Sangseo Lee.

The Game Jam began with a theme which was Shadows. Games were required to include that theme in some manner.

My role on this project was as a designer. In addition to spearheading the game play and mechanics design, I hand crafted the following two levels using the Tiled map editor with assets our artist made, as well as free resources on the net.

Level 1

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Selling A Tornado – Edinburgh University Project

A couple of years back whilst at Edinburgh University, I had the fortunate opportunity to take a course called Informatics Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketplace taught by Dr Adam J Bock. I enjoyed the course so much I thought I’d give one aspect of it a special mention, the group project.

As part of the course, groups of students we were required to analyze an opportunity. My group which was myself, Anton Caius Gurgu and Marat Subkhankulov, decided to base our opportunity on Anton’s coursework project, which was creating a programmable tornado.

We looked at whether Edinburgh nightclubs would be interested in buying/renting this product (opportunity description). The most memorable part of our assignment was producing a promotional video for this product.

As a team of solely Computer Science students we hadn’t had much practice in film making. We went about creating this video by brainstorming, planning, considering video elements and scenes, and writing up a script (details). The result was in my opinion a decent job. Here is the video in all its cheesy goofy goodness!

I think it turned out well.

A big thanks to Dr Bock for his course. It was one of my most memorable while at Edinburgh.

SASA Performance, Edinburgh 2012

A couple of years back I performed for Edinburgh Universities South Asian Student Association annual DiwaliEid with a couple of guys. I finally got round to digging up the SASA Performance videos from Facebook/Youtube. In the first I’m playing percussion. My favorites moments were round about 3:08 and 4:50.

In our second performance I sung backing vocals.

As well as this I had the pleasure of collaborating with a couple of my Uni colleagues on a poster for this very same event. All in all, It was a good night.

Plan Recognition in R.I.S.K.

Whilst at The University of Edinburgh I self-proposed my final year project on Plan Recognition in R.I.S.K. I was supervised by Dr. Michael Rovatsos (an awesome supervisor I might add!). The research I did was fortunately noticed by the great folks over at the CREST Center UCL in their BSc Final Year Computer Science Project Competition 2013, and it had me shortlisted as a finalist.

The project involved the design and implementation of a plan recognition agent for the board game R.I.S.K. The implementation was done in a game called Domination, a Java version of the classic board game R.I.S.K. developed by Yura.net. Domination is freely available and you can download it through Sourceforge here.


The agent that was created is based on Geib and Goldman’s Probabilistic Hostile Agent Task Tracker (PHATT).  Acting as an observer to the game it’s goal is to infer the unknown missions cards of players based their actions in real time. In my project report I evaluated the plan prediction accuracy of the agent with four experiments, the results of which I presented and analysed. I then went on to discuss the project outcomes and future work.

You can read my report here (brace yourself its a long read). Additionally the source code for the project is available from GitHub here.